Water Entrepreneurs Flooded with Business

- Water is a hot commodity in Texoma right now, if not the hottest.

And if you have it, or a way to store it, others want it.

David Ohm, who owns Landscape Watering, says, "I've got a mobile wash business and I use it in mobile wash and use it in yards."

Ohm runs his business with water from a well that's in the backyard of his Iowa Park home.

"When I bought the house, it had a hand dug brickline well that had a stone with 1921 etched into it," Ohm says.

When it does rain, area residents are finding ways to catch and store that precious liquid.

One of the most popular ways to do that is by using a rain tote.

Vanda Wright, co-owner of Rainwater Harvest, says, "Some of ours have had things such as women's face soap in them. Some of them have had vinegar."

Wright locates and sells water totes.

"We cannot keep enough in stock. At one point we had well over 50 on the waiting list," Wright says. "We used to go a couple hours away to get them. Now we may go states away to get them."

Ohm and Wright say the demand for their services right now is through the roof.

"There's more of a demand right now than there is supply. That's why there is a waiting list," Wright says.

"Very busy. A full monthly schedule. About two weekends a month off," Ohm says.

"I think that at last, as a community, we realized how very important water conservation is," Wright says.

An importance that's making us all realize that every drop truly does count.

Both Ohm and Wright say their phones continually ring off the hook with new customers wanting to take advantage of their services, a true testament of just how much we all need water right now.

To contact Rainwater Harvest, call (940) 636-6635.

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