Water Haulers Can Continue Getting Water from WF River Road Treatment Plant

- Additional testing on the Wichita Falls emergency water reuse project could begin at midnight.

City officials say they are waiting on the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for the ok for the second round of tests to begin.

The tests are required by the TCEQ before it gives approval for the city's treated reuse water to be used as drinking water.

And while the order to do additional testing is a set back for the city, it has water haulers overflowing with joy.

Water haulers are accustomed to going to the city's River Road Treatment Plant and purchasing 1,000 gallons of non-potable water for just $2.50.

While that water will remain available for a few more weeks while the tests continue, water haulers say they are still making plans for the day when that source does dry up.

Water haulers know when they come to the River Road Treatment Plant in Wichita falls they need to be patient.

"Sometime you'll come and there will be a half a dozen tanker trucks so you have to wait," says Robert Neal, who hauls water from River Road Treatment Plant.

At $2.50 for 1,000 gallons of non-potable water, they say the wait is worth it but they know once the city's emergency reuse project gets approval to start this supply of water will dry up.

"I wasn't glad that the city had to do more testing but personally, that made it available for me so I was glad in that regard," says water hauler, Tom Shanks.,

So until this source is cut off, water haulers are filling up but still making plans for the future.

"We got a water well going in the works right now so hopefully that works all well and everything works out with that.  So, after that we shouldn't have no problem. We should still be able to haul water," says Ruben Rincon, who works with Texas Tree & Landscape

"Talking to everybody I know and other haulers, some professional haulers, and I check with them every once in a while to see if they've found another source.  Hopefully we will," Neal adds.

The River Road non-potable water station will remain open until the city gets approval to start pumping the reuse water into homes and businesses.

And that is expected to take at least another month.

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