Water Haulers Won't be Allowed to Use River Road Waste Water Anymore

- With stage five water restrictions in full effect and the lack of rainfall, it's no secret that water is in high demand, which has drastically increased the number of people looking to water haulers the get their hands on some of the precious resource.

Kolin Styles with KS Water Services says, "We probably haul 10,000 gallons a week, so that keeps us pretty busy."

Garry Hamilton with Hamilton Water Hauling says, "Business has been really getting good. The hotter it gets, of course you're seeing it get better. People have more demand."

Clayton Baxter with Lonestar Water Hauling says, "We appreciate the rain. It actually kind of gives us a break and replenishes the wells. It helps everybody out."

Many water haulers bought water from the River Road Waste Water Treatment Plant to sustain their landscape and pool businesses.

"When I originally started doing yards, we were getting water from there," Baxter says. "If you like waiting for two-and-a-half hours, it was good, but I don't like waiting for two-and-a-half hours. I'd rather be out working."

Soon, haulers will no longer be able to get that water anymore because it will now be put to use through the reuse project.

And that means their businesses could be drying up.

Meanwhile haulers who get their supply from wells are expecting a flood of business.

"Now that water's a little harder to get there in town, I feel like a few more people will be needing water," Hamilton says.

"For this facility at Keystone, I think it's going to help out tremendously," Styles says. "I mean, with their quality water, especially for the pools, it's going to help a lot too."

For now, these water haulers are enjoying the calm before the storm.

Public Works Director Russell Schreiber says water haulers will be cut off from buying water at the river road waste water treatment plant by the end of the week.

Here's the contact information for those interviewed in this story:

Keystone Water Service: (940) 782-1942

Kolin Styles: (940) 631-1354

Garry Hamilton: (940) 867-2334

Clayton Baxter: (940) 447-2292

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