Water Resource Commission Chairman: We Want the Best for the City

Dark clouds covering the Texoma skyline have seemingly been only a tease the past few weeks as not much rain has fallen in the area.

Without rain, the City of Wichita Falls and others who depend on city water will hit stage four water restrictions more quickly.

Arnold Oliver, chairman of the Water Resource Committee, says, "The main thing that people will notice most is if we go into stage four restrictions, all outside watering will be prohibited."

There's one exception.

"You'll be able to water the foundation around your house with soaker hoses on your day to water."

Oliver is head of a seven-person group, including two city councilors, who make tough water restriction recommendations that councilors must first approve before they go into effect.

"We suffer along with them, but one of the things we try to do is be sensitive to the public and what they want," Oliver says.  "Businesses.  You know, we try to structure these things so we don't hurt businesses any more than we possibly have to."

He says their main concern is making sure the city has water in the long run.

"We're all in the same boat here.  We're not a detached group of people saying, 'We could do this or we could do that,' when everything that we're doing is going to impact us just like it is everyone else in the city."

Oliver says his committee has received a lot of flack about Castaway Cove, but he says the water park will stay open even if the city enter stage four water restrictions.

He says it's not one of the city's major water users as all of the water is recycled.

And as for private pools, Oliver says if you fill them up during stage four, you'll be hit with a big water surcharge.

The Water Resources Commission will make their stage four drought restriction suggestions to the city council during their June 4 meeting.

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