Water Resources Commission in the Process of Creating Stage 4 Restrictions

Wichita Falls Water Resources Commission now has the recommendations for the Stage 4 water restrictions from a special Citizens Drought Task Force.

Although we are still a ways from the 30 percent lake level when Stage 4 starts The Water Commission is working on the exact restrictions.

"What you are looking for is the drip systems the soaker hoses, if it's overflowing over the curb that's a violation."

Water violations are exactly what Wichita Falls city worker Carlos Calderon is looking for when he drives through neighborhoods.

"So a lot of times if you see water or something you more or less just try to follow it to see where it's going and a majority of the time it will lead you to someone watering," he said.

Since October he says there's only been one week he hasn't given out water violations, and soon the different violations he typically looks for could increase, if we were to go into Stage 4: Drought Disaster.

"Everybody, if we have to go to stage 4 is going to have to sacrifice something car washes, restaurants, we have just got to save water," said Arnold Oliver, the Chairman of the Wichita Falls Water Resources Commission.

No restrictions have been created for Stage 4, but the Wichita Falls Water Resource Commission has been meeting to create the ordinance.

And Although nothing is set in stone they are certain of one thing.

"When we go into Stage 4 we will probably shut off all outside irrigation because that is where we lose the most water, to evaporation," said Oliver.

And those new restrictions will have Calderon on the look out, for any signs of water he might see.

Until then though there's only one thing left to do "Pray for Rain."

"I like those pray for rain signs," said Calderon.

The Wichita Falls Water Resources Commission will hold a meeting next week for public input but the time and date hasn't been set.

They want to hear what business owners, pool operators and all residents think the Stage 4 restrictions should be.

After that session they will meet again and eventually come up with a proposal to present to city council, they hope to do that in May.

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