Water Restrictions Won't Affect Properties with Wells

Stage three water restrictions will affect a lot of homeowners and businesses, but those who own wells or have access to well water will have nothing to worry about.

Properties like University United Methodist Church have wells to help with water supply and to reduce the need for consuming Wichita Falls resources.

Debbie Cummings, a board of trustees members at University United Methodist Church, says the well was dug up ten years ago with a specific purpose.

"Really the main reason it was built is for a cheaper water bill," Cummings says. "Well, it just makes our jobs a little bit easier and it does make me feel better that I'm not wasting resources, city resources."

Cummings says without the well, the church would not be able to afford to water its lawn.

"I guess, even as the drought has been in for the last couple of years, we've always talked about, those who help take care of the lawn, that we're just glad that we have it because like I said, lots of times, our lawn is green when others are not. It's a good thing," Cummings says.

However, Cummings says last year's devastating drought made it impossible for yard work to get done.

"That's the only year since I remember that's it's gone dry," Cummings says. "It really helps us keep the lawn green during the summer time."

Cummings says watering is reduced during the winter and she hopes rain will move into the area and soon take over the job of the manmade well.

Cummings says the water that comes from the well is only used for watering because it is high in saline which makes it too salty to drink.

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