Water vs. WFISD Bond Proposal; Is it a War?

As we continue to struggle through the drought, water is on the minds of many.

Wednesday our Facebook page was flooded with comments from you regarding the Wichita Falls ISD bond proposal, and why right nowyou'd vote no on the bond.

Some Wichita Falls residents say taxpayers money would be better spent finding ways to get the area out of the ongoing drought.

The bond is now headed to the ballot for voters in May, but many people say the bond projects needs to wait, until the drought ends.

Wichita Falls has never been so drained of water.

With combined lake levels below 30 percent, city officials are working to create stage 5 water restrictions.

This, while the Wichita Falls school board has been working to create a bond that they say would bring the district's facilities up-to-date and give students the best education possible.

One Wichita Falls resident says voters should not tie water and new schools together.

You can't solve the water issues with new schools and you can't solve new schools by getting rain,” said Ashley Thomas, who started a campaign 'Pray 4 rain vote 4 kids.'

 She says voters need to be educated before they head to the polls in the may election.

Knowing that the water and the schools are not the same issue and that they come from different funds even, though tax payers are paying for that they don't solve each other and two to five years when we do have rain and we do get out of this drought our schools are going to need help,” she said.

She says the newer schools would provide a better place for her son Grayson and daughter Kendyl to go to school, and potentially attract new residents to the city too.

Your city is only as good as your schools. And the only way we are going to be able to attract new business, new families, is to improve the quality of our schools,” she said.

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