Water Well Owners Busy Selling Water to Haulers

- The amount of water haulers in the area has decreased in the past week, as many of them don't have a supply now that they can't buy water from the River Road Wastewater Treatment Plant.

That's increasing business for the haulers who do have another source for water.

Garry Hamilton with G&G Water Hauling Service says, "Starting to see more phone calls and definitely more people, as you're driving around in neighborhoods, more people are noticing you in their neighborhoods and they're coming up asking questions about you."

It's also elevating business for water well owners.

Jerry Ayres, co-owner of Keystone Water Services, says, "I'm getting quite a few more phone calls and people trying to find out where I'm at."

Those phone calls are translating into customers.

"We fill totes for individual people and also for water haulers," Ayres says.

Ayres says he's expanding his business to keep up with that demand and will add several new storage tanks on his property.

"We're fixing to put in some more storage, probably 80-to-100 thousand gallons of storage so we can fill up everybody," Ayres says.

The additional storage space means Ayres will have about 125,000 gallons of water available to sell to haulers at any given time.

We also spoke with a couple water haulers who used to buy water from the River Road Wastewater Treatment Plant who say they've decided to let their business dry up since they can't buy that water anymore.

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