Waurika Lake Water Users Asked to Reduce Consumption

Water conservation is at the forefront of many Texoman's minds as this drought lingers on and now, six cities across the Red River have been asked to reduce their water consumption from Waurika Lake in an effort to save that valuable resource.

Waruika Master Conservancy District Manager David Taylor says if water consumption continues at the current rate and the rains don't come, water from Waurika Lake could be gone by April 2015 but he hopes an agreement to reduce water usage by 10% will extend that into the rainy months of 2015.

The on going drought is evident when you look at Waurika Lake's shallow shoreline.

Taylor says the lake sits at just over 44%.

"Our goal is to make the lake last as long as possible," Taylor says.

Taylor says the Waurika Master Conservancy District board voted on Tuesday for the six cities who use water from Waurika Lake, Lawton, Comanche, Duncan, Walters, Temple and Waurika, to reduce their water consumption by 10%.

"This is becoming very serious," Taylor says. "It's time to start reducing water consumption across the board to make the water supply last toward or past the end of the drought."

Chuck Brown, Waurika City Manager, says it is time for residents to do their part to save water.
"The water issue is starting to become critical and the Army Corps of Engineers assures us that we have a two year supply of water still out there in the lake," Brown says.

Brown says the city sells water to its residents as well as the City of Ryan and Jefferson County District 1 but has agreed to reduce its water consumption even though it will impact the city's revenue.

"At the same time, water is life and we can make up the revenue streams through other sources but once that water is gone, there's no going back," Brown says.

He says he hopes residents will reduce their water usage by 10% by Sept. 1.

He says the city will also participate by cutting down on watering the golf course.

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