Ways to Conserve If We Go Into Stage Four

- The city's most severe water restrictions ever are expected to be enacted this week.

City officials will hold a press conference Tuesday morning to discuss concerns or answer questions about stage four.

And as water conservation becomes more serious, Wichita Falls Operations Manger Daniel Nix says there are many ways to cut back going into winter.

He says it's important to not use your toilet as a trash can by flushing down q-tips, baby wipes or other items.

And you should check your sink and toilet for leaks.

“We recommend you use some food coloring, put it in the tank, in the back, don't flush, walk away for about 30 minutes, come back in 30 minutes and open the bowl and if the food coloring is now in the bowl you have a leak,” says Nix.

Nix says saving water will not only help extend our supply but will help you save money on your bill because in stage four if you go over the average amount used, which is ten units, you will pay 3 dollars per unit.

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