WC Sheriff Hopes Jail Recruiter Position Becomes Permanent

- High employee turnover is not uncommon in area county jails.
But several months ago, the Wichita County sheriff took steps to change that.
He started a pilot recruiting program.
Mechell Dixon is here to tell us if it's been successful.

Sheriff David Duke says the program has been very successful and he hopes this pilot program will become permanent.
In May, Sheriff Duke presented his proposed budget to Wichita County Commissioners.
It included the creation of a recruiter to keep the jail fully staffed.
The sheriff says the jail is a starting point for people in law enforcement.
He says that department has about 150 employees and is down an average of three to ten jailers at any given time.
So, seven months ago, Sheriff Duke turned a detention officer into a recruiter who goes to different events to search out possible candidates.
And the sheriff says while he considers the effort successful he does not have the final say on making the position permanent.

"We're gonna have to wait and evaluate it and go with the judge and commissioners about his performance and what kind of things we've done since then to fill the gaps that we've had in the open positions thoughout the jail," Sheriff Duke explains.

Sheriff Duke says thanks to Recruiter Brien Conner, several jailers have been hired and several applicants are awaiting background checks.
But the final decision on whether Conner becomes a permanent recruiter will be up to county commissioners.
And Sheriff Duke hopes commissioners will address the matter sometime next month.

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