Welcomed Showers Slow Wichita Falls Projects

With the continued drought dwindling lake levels, a third day of rain around Texoma was a welcome sight.

Though many work hours have been lost recently, most people are not complaining too much about something we need so desperately.

This week's rain has put a big dent in roofing work, landscaping and construction projects.

And Wichita Falls officials say while the wet weather brought one project to a complete halt, it was just an inconvenience for another one that has top priority because of the lack of rain. 

"For Public Works as a whole, the best thing that can happen is that we get a lot of rain and also the worst thing that can happen is we get a lot of rain," says Russell Schreiber, director of the Wichita Falls Public Works Department.

It's bad because city officials say it put the brakes on the Kemp Boulevard Mill and Overlay project.

"It's just killing us there.  You can't lay hot mix in the rain," Schreiber says.

But city officials say rain is not stopping crews from working on the temporary water reuse project, which will soon provide Wichita Falls with more drinking water.

"They have been able to fuse up to this point in the rain.  I guess they're doing it under a tent or somewhere out of the rain but they're still trying to fuse at this point," Schreiber explains.

But public works officials say the rain is creating a muddy mess, which is making it more difficult for construction crews to access Holliday Creek and install the pipeline.

Despite the rain delay, showers are always welcome here even if they are slowing or putting some major projects on temporary hold.

According to public works officials, anticipated weather days are factored in on projects-- meaning, Friday's rain is not expected to extend the completion dates of either the water pipeline or the Kemp Mill and Overlay projects.

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