Wells to assist Quanah with their water supply

The water supply for the City of Quanah is extremely low but city leaders are mapping out a new way to tap into another water source.

It's not panic button time, considering Quanah has been in Stage Three water restrictions for more than a year, but what's left of the city's water supply is drying up.

The Greenbelt Water Authority, that provides water to Quanah and surrounding communities, is working to get them more water.

Quanah City Manager Paula Wilson says as of last Wednesday, Lake Greenbelt, where Quanah gets its water from, was at 13% capacity.

However, Greenbelt Water Authority is working to keep water flowing during these critical times.

Wilson says Quanah's water supply is safe because Greenbelt is under contract with the City of Clarendon to open five water wells.

Wilson says the wells are drilled and they are waiting on the contractor to lay the pipe.

"It should be online before the summer starts," Wilson says. "That will help pump water from the wells, to the treatment plant, and they'll blend that water with the lake water and bring it on down the line to us."

The wells will also serve Childress, Crowell and other communities around Clarendon that depend on the Greenbelt.

Wilson says the wells will work as back up in the future.

Currently, it's unclear how many gallons of water the wells will supply.

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