West Nile Confirmed in Texas; Wichita County Checking Mosquitoes

The Texas Health Department confirmed the first case of West Nile Virus in the state.

Health officials say an adult male in Anderson County.

The Wichita County Health Department just started testing mosquitoes in our area.

James Garcia with the health department says the wind has been keeping most of the mosquitoes away.

However, saving water due to the drought could increase the number of mosquitoes that carry the west nile virus, because the type of mosquito that carries the virus thrives in small amounts of water.
 "It's difficult to tell people to throw away the water they have collected , rather naturally from rain run-off or whatever, if what is collected in barrels or something like that people use for irregation or watering their flower beds they can actually put a screen on top of that barrel and that will prevent any adult mosquitoes from landing in that water and laying their eggs," says Garcia.

Garcia says the results from the West Nile test should be in by Wednesday.

If you want information on how to avoid West Nile you can visit the Texas Health Department's website.

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