Western Texoma counties study the posibility of wind into profit

In some western Texoma counties there is little on the never ending horizon to spur new economic development.

Just lots of land, sky, and wind, plenty of wind.

And its the wind some hope could bring construction crews and new dollars into sparsely populated Foard, Hardeman and Cottle counties

Nortex Regional Planning Commission hopes residents will be able to power their farms with the wind turbines, but they also hope it could pave the way for bigger scale wind energy development.

Six months ago the Nortex region planning commission came up with an economic impact plan, to give a boost to places in Texoma hurting the most.

"This is one area that we thought in the western part of the region with the wind as it is and the demographics this could play out," said Dennis Wilde, the Nortex Planning Comm. Ex. Director.

Judge Ronald Ingram from Hardeman county says they are all on an economic tight rope and looking for any way to hang on.

Hardeman, Cottle, and Foard are the three counties where the feasibility study will take place.

"Your always looking for ways to save money, new ways to entice people to come to your county, I think that this will benefit us in that sense," Judge Ingram said.

The goal of the study is to find out how much it would cost residents to use wind turbines as a source for power, for farmers to become self-sufficient and to see if the conditions in those counties are even right to do so.

83 thousand dollars is budgeted for the study, 50 thousand of those dollars is from a grant the planning commission received for the project.

And while members of the planning commission hope the money helps residents in those three counties, they also have their eyes on a bigger prize.

"I hope this brings in the bigger pie, the bigger companies that will come in and lay the transmission lines and the wind farms," Wilde said.

The Nortex Regional Planning Commission has been given 18 months to complete the study but they hope to finish it in just one year.

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