W.F. Club Apparently Closed Following Liquor Licence Renewal Battle

- For about two years, a Wichita Falls bar owner has been fighting a state commission and the city to get his liquor license renewed.

The Las Vegas Club's license actually expired in May 2012, but it was allowed to stay open until a court ruled on its renewal.

That took almost two years until Wichita County Judge Woody Gossom sided with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission and the city, and denied the renewal.

The owner had the option of appealing but it appears the club doors are now closed for good.

Earlier this year the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission notified club owners of its intent to not renew the liquor license.

The commission also asked city support for the non-renewal, citing the high number of police calls to the bar.

The bar owner hired Attorney Mark Barber to take the matter to court, where they lost the lower court decision.

Now, Barber's office says he never filed an appeal against the TABC's denial to renew the liquor license. And the TABC spokesperson says several factors contributed to their decision.

"Frequently when we're looking at denying a renewal it is the behavior of the permitee, things that have happened on the licensed premises in the past few years.  It could be administrative history, as it is in this case," says Carolyn Beck, TABC director of communications.

The city and police department supported the effort to deny a new permit because of a high number of crimes at the club. Those crimes happened from 2004 to 2011 and included eight assaults, 13 drug calls and 41 arrest warrants.

And since December 2013, when the club was operating pending a review and renewal of its license, two people were stabbed at the club. It was also where murder suspect Jerry Joe Garza allegedly assaulted two men in a jealous rage over his former girlfriend, who would later be found dead.

Business owners near the club say they have not seen any activity at the club in about three weeks. And a check of the TABC's website confirmed the club's license expired on May 11th.

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