WF Man Wakes to Vehicle on Bricks

Thefts typically increase during the holiday shopping season, especially when packages are left inside the car.
But some thieves are taking things right out from under the cars, leaving the owners stranded with no wheels at all.
Mechell Dixon spoke with one recent victim  who is warning other vehicle owners who could become wheel-less too.

Johnny Dukes says when he woke up and headed outside he discovered some grinches had come overnight and left him with no way to travel.
His car was missing all four wheels.
It's a crime that unfortunately is not that uncommon in Wichita Falls.

Johnny Dukes is a retired army drill sergeant who loves his Cadillac CTS.
He bought it earlier this year and took a picture after installing after market wheels but he says those wheels may be what attracted the thieves.

"I got up around 4 this morning, walked outside and looked at my vehicle and it's like, Bam!  No wheels on my car,"  Dukes says.

They were stolen and the car left on bricks.
Duke called police and says an officer gave him another shock.

"To my surprise, he said I'm not the only person this has happened to in the last week or two.  He said this happened to like five or six other people," Duke says.

Wichita Falls police say it has happened to many more than that.
Surveillance video from October captures a thief stealing after market wheels from a vehicle at Brownings Reliable Cars and Trucks."
While police won't say if they have any suspects in this or the theft of Dukes' wheels a tire company worker says after market wheels are pricey items that catch the eyes of crooks.
But if you think a tire lock will deter thieves, tire dealers say think again.

"They're gonna get it one way or another.  There's an old saying-- a lock only keeps an honest man honest," says Stephen Parsons, with Texoma Tire & Auto.

And Dukes says he had tire locks and his wheels were still stolen.
So now, he is sending this message to the public.

'If you see something, don't be afraid to speak out on it.   If you see something out of the ordinary, don't be afraid to call the cops and report something suspicious in your area," Dukes says.

The cheapest estimate Dukes has received to replace his stolen wheels and rims is $2,600 but he says insurance will cover most of the cost.

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