WF Mayor Barham Weighs in on Prayer During Meetings Ruling

- Monday, we told you about a supreme court ruling that protects a city's right to hold prayer before a meeting.

Now Wichita Falls city leaders are weighing in.

In a 5-4 decision the court said that the content of prayers is not critical as long as officials make a good faith effort at inclusion.

Mayor Glenn Barham says he is happy with the decision since city council meetings do begin with prayer.

“We've been concerned how that ruling would turn out because we do an invocation here before our meetings start. I was happy to see that ruling come out yesterday. I’m glad the supreme court recognizes the fact that there are facts that truly believe in God and that taking our right for prayer, even though it's to start a meeting, taking that away from us would be less than beneficial,” says Mayor Barham.

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