W.F. Parks Board Wants to Dredge Lake Wichita

The Wichita Falls Parks Board wants to dredge Lake Wichita to make it a bigger public attraction in the future. And during tomorrow's city council meeting, members plan to explain why the bad times in the drought make it a good time to consider the project.

Lake Wichita still has enough water to make it a big draw for the birds.

However, since the drought, the lake water is not as big of a draw with people because many areas are simply too shallow for watercraft.

But the Wichita Falls Parks Board has a plan to change that.

"Dredging a lake in this condition is gonna be so much less expensive. It's still going to be costly but we've got a lot of people willing to get involved in fundraising campaigns to help defray the cost for the dredge project," explains Steve Garner, a member of the Wichita Falls Parks Board.

Garner says dredging the lake now would allow it to become an even bigger asset and economic draw for the city.

"The silt and stuff that's just come into this lake over the last 100 years has just continued to shrink the size of the lake. What we want to do is, dredge the lake out in different depths for fish habitat. The rains will come. The lake will fill back up. We just want to take advantage of the opportunity right now," Garner says.

Garner says most man-made lakes have a life span of about 100 years without some effort to save them, so Lake Wichita is about 10 years past its lifespan.

He says the low water level will make dredging easier and less costly now, which will allow for better fishing and boating activity in the future.

Garner will present the park board's plans during tomorrow's city council meeting and hopes leaders quickly give it the go-ahead.

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