WFISD Budget Proposal Doesn't Include Employee Raises

    Since arriving as new superintendent July 24, Dr.John Frossard has looked over a list of proposed cuts to make ends meet.
     And it was dozens of cuts of district jobs and programs over the next two years that really caught his attention.
    "I saw a list of cuts and they primarily affected students and programs that directly impacted students, so I was a little concerned about that, especially at this time of year when you're getting ready to open school," Dr. Frossard says.
    District officials say those cuts were suggested so teachers and staff could receive pay raises.
    But now, those raises may not be coming.
    "I wanted to give it further study, and that's why I went through and came up with 11 cuts that primarily affect central office and support staff," Dr. Frossard says.
    Those 11 cuts include: reducing summer school classes and adding some fees, eliminating out-of-state travel, postponing remodeling of classrooms, cutting seven percent of the superintendent's office budget, and cutting the human resources budget by five percent, the chief financial officer's budget by three percent, the finance department budget by five percent, technology department by one percent, maintenance by five percent, curriculum instruction by three percent, and athletics by three percent.
     Those cuts will make up the budget deficit of $296-thousand, with a small amount of money leftover.
      Officials say they'll look to see if they can find a way to give teachers some kind of raise.
    "We're going to do everything humanly possible to make sure they're rewarded for their contributions," Dr. Frossard says.
    Kevin Goldstein, president of the WFISD School Board, says, "You bet we want to make sure we do everything that we can, but we have to be prudent and stay within our guidelines.  That's what we're going to try to have to do to still try to reward them as much as we can.  We're thinking of different ways of doing that."
    Dr. Frossard says one way of doing that could be giving staff a small stipend during the upcoming school year.
    He also says it might be an option to go to the voters and request approval for a tax rate hike in the future, but he says now is not the time.
    He recommended a revenue study of the district's finances by an outside company, but a decision has not been made on that yet.

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