WFISD High School Students Talk Rivalry

Soon voters will head to the polls to check yes or no for the Wichita Falls school district's $125 million bond proposal.

Should the bond pass, Wichita Falls High School and Rider would consolidate, two schools, known for a long standing rivalry.

The rivalry is enough for some voters to say no to the bond.

We spoke to student who gave there thoughts on the rivalry and whether it should be a fact in the bond proposal.

I mean living in Wichita Falls you hear it really young, probably out of the womb, you are hearing about Old High Rider, one is better than another,” said Old High student, Spencer Blacklock.

So many people have went through and did what I am doing today,” said Emily Jameson, from Old High. 

Being a football player, that week is probably the most exciting weeks of the season. There is nothing like having an entire week built up and then going out on the football field with 20,000 people screaming,” Blacklock said.

I find it has fun traditions behind it. But ,if you take it too far there is no point behind it. If you take it to the extent of, let's kill some horses and put them at Rider. You just killed some horses to make a point?” said Christian Casto from Rider.

Just all the drama on twitter and the fighting,” Emily said about the rivalry.

I think it's kind of ridiculous how much some parents get into it,” said Blacklock.

Rider parents, they get out of hand. Old high parents just yell at everyone. And I am sure the parents don't like getting their homes egged or paint balled,” said Drew David, a Rider student.

If this is the only reason you are not going to vote for this is because of the rivalry is not educated because it's not just a black and white element, you have to look at the students, the money, instead of just the rivalry,” said Christian.

I don't think that should be your only look at it the rivalry,” said Drew.

All the students agree if the bond passes, they believe over time new traditions could be made.

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