WFISD Looking for Substitute Teachers

- Substitute teachers are essential for a large school district to keep the learning process going when there are unfilled vacancies or teacher leave time.

However, the Wichita Falls school district says they sometimes have a difficult time getting enough subs to take over classes.

Substitute teachers are often in short supply at the middle of the school year for a variety of reasons and it can be a challenge finding enough subs for all the classrooms.

Wichita Falls ISD currently has 351 active substitute teachers but school officials say this time of year they typically encounter a sub shortage.

"If there is going to be a bug going around, yes we're gonna have more teachers out.  Either they'll be sick themselves or home with sick children and family members," says Denise Williams, director of human resources for Wichita Falls ISD.

But whether teachers are out because of illness, jury duty or training, school officials say subs, who have agreed to teach then cancel at the last minute, make it difficult to find a replacement in time.

"Sixty six people call at the last minute or 30 minutes before school starts to say that they're not gonna be there.  That's when it puts our schools in a bind.  It puts the staff in a bind and that's when we have a problem," Williams says.

Denise Williams says that happened 66 times last month, as well as in the past, causing administrators, teachers and staff to all scramble.

"They all work together as a team to make sure the classes are covered, the kids are supervised. They have to adjust their schedules and that will put a hardship on what they had planned for the day but again they are a professional staff that works hard to make sure we meet the needs of the kids," Williams says.

WFISD always looking for substitute teachers to add to their reserves so to ensure they have enough for those difficult days. Applicants must have at least 60 hours of college courses, pass a background check and complete a three hour training session.

The next session is Wednesday, March 5th at Region 9 Service Center in on Loop 11. For more information on being a WFISD substitute teacher, click on the following link:

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