WFPD Warns Parents of "Choking Game" Dangers

The Wichita Falls Police Department wants to warn parents of the potentially deadly consequences associated with kids intentionally choking themselves to lose consciousness as a form of getting high.

It's called the "Choking Game".

Wichita Falls Police Officer Jeff Hughes says it's a trend parents need to be aware of to keep their kids safe.

Hughes says just last week, a 19 year old man from Wichita Falls died in the Metroplex playing this game and police say they've seen a child as young as five year old fall victim to this trend in Wichita County.

During a Games Adolescents Shouldn't Play, GASP, presentation, Wichita Falls police warn parents of what their kids might be doing behind closed doors.

Hughes says teens and kids are cutting off the flow of blood to the brain in exchange for a few seconds of feeling lightheaded.

He says it's extremely dangerous because kids don't know when to stop and cutting the circulation of blood to the brain causes permanent damage.

Hughes says kids can get addicted to the rush of blacking out and it can lead them to trying out this game by themselves.

Debbie Yancey, who is a grandmother and attended the presentation, says its open their eyes to the dangers. 

"I think you'd be naive not to think that it could possibly be happening," Yancey says. "I sure hope it's not and I'll sure have my eyes open looking for signs and symptoms but we have no guarantees. It's scary. It's scary stuff."

Hughes says signs and symptoms to look for include: blood shot eyes, marks on the neck, frequent headaches and locked doors.

To view the GASP presentation, click here.

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