WF's Car Washes Shutdown Two Days Starting Sunday

- Stage 5 is now in effect as lakes hit 25 percent Friday.

The new restrictions will not affect residents as much as stage 3 and 4 but could have an impact on some businesses as pools cannot be filled with city water and car washes must shut down two days a week.

Jim Caddotte with All American Car Wash says although they are not happy about having to cut back hours they understand they need to do their part.

Car wash managers are making new employee schedules as they're being forced to close Sundays and Mondays.

“That took a little scrambling yesterday, getting the word so late and then going into the new schedule defiantly took some shifting and adjusting but we've been preparing for this,” says Cadotte.

Besides switching schedules  Cadotte says he's been looking into alternative water sources, since they could stay open 7 days a week if they didn't use city water.

They currently have a well to water the business's yard and plants but he says the well could not produce as much as they need.

The alternative, he says, is just too expensive.

“We're not looking to haul in water at this point, it's just not feasible without us having to go up significantly on prices and we don't want to do that,” says Cadotte.

So for now they will keep sorting through options hoping to have a solution before lakes hit 20 percent because at that point if they don't have another water source they will have to shut down completely a restriction he hopes can still be talked through with city officials.

“That was our biggest concern when in the stage 5 planning it was already written in, this 20 percent because I felt like we would be closed off from that dialogue,” says Cadotte.

Codotte says he believes it's that dialogue that could keep this community least until the rain does come.

“This issue of drought will only be solved with the city. Businesses, community working together, period,” says Cadotte.

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