WF's Largest Water User, Allred Unit, Taking Measures to Conserve

- We are less than one week into stage four water restrictions but how is Wichita Falls' largest water user feeling the effects of the drought?

Allred Prison Unit would not give us permission to go inside their prison and would not grant us an interview but they did send us the following information.

Allred Prison Unit uses millions of gallons of water a month to take care of over three thousand offenders and their 900 employees.

The prison did not wait until stage four began to start conserving water. They have been cutting back for several months.

They do not wash sidewalks, walls or floors with hoses, only buckets.

They are proactive about fixing leaks.

During meal times, water pitchers are not refilled until they are empty and bottled water is for sale.

No state vehicles are washed.

Showers are run on timers to eliminate extra water use.

No plants or gardens are watered.

And they teach staff and offenders about the importance of water conservation by stressing the need to limit flushing toilets and the use of sinks.

The current measures have cut down their usage by about 4 million gallons a month.

In September 2012 they used 19 million gallons compared to 15 million gallons in August 2013.

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