What's Next for Immigration

- The day after he declared immigration reform dead, president Barak Obama ran into the realities of trying to fix, on his own, a system flooded by the new wave of children arriving from poor and violent nations like Honduras and Guatemala.

Steve Handelsman has the latest from Washington.

Every day, more come. Today, children from Central America, some with adults, arriving in San Diego. They had journeyed across Mexico to the border near McAllen Texas, told they'd get easy access to the US and a new life. Instead, they will go to ever-more overcrowd detention centers. Democrats blame Republicans for the kids' suffering. "laying on concrete floors, stacked up on top of one another, that was something you'd see in a disaster area, so it is a failure by the Congress". Republicans blame President Obama for insisting on a comprehensive fix that includes amnesty for those in the US illegally.

"We can't reform our immigration laws, we can't reform visa laws, we can't increase visa quotas, we can't because we have to have amnesty, and what that's done is create this enormous gridlock and controversy in Washington", "we can't wait for Congress" the president vowed today, on his own, with executive orders to tackle just the immediate crisis of the kids. "whatever we do administratively is not going to be sufficient to solve a broken immigration system" he's asking congress for 2 billion for more immigration judges, more detention facilities and an ok for more deportations. "the lives of children cannot be put at risk this way" the kids' suffering pointing at the political failure in Washington.

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