When Temperatures Drop; Protecting Pipes is Important

- Representatives at one hardware store say their pipe protecting supplies have been practically wiped off the shelves but there are still things you can do to try and avoid a messy situation.

When the temperature drops into the thirties it's time to protect your pipes.

And although dripping your faucets is a normal practice, during stage four water restrictions there are other things you can do to avoid a flood.

“They make heat tape which is like a heater that will warm up the pipe to keep it from freezing,” says Lowes Custmoer Service Representative Mike Deason.

But in times like this when heat tape is hard to find, Deason says materials you already have can help.

“If you have an outside faucet just take a lot of rags and wrap them around, cover them as much as you can, tie them together with zip ties or string or whatever would help, you know that's probably the best insulation,” says Deason.

And on the inside of your house …

“You can open the cabinet doors which will let heat into the cabinet doors, which will help keep it warm,” says Deason.

Deason says many people have been coming in with busted washer tubes but there are ways to avoid flooding your wash room.

“You can disconnect those at night, you could also, little things like put a heat lamp,” Deason.

And it's those little things that could help avoid a big mess.

“It could flood a house and damage all the floor the walls the carpet and everything else,” says Deason.

Now it is not illegal to drip your faucets; but the Public Works Department does advise against it to help save water and suggests you use the other methods.


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