Whispers of Hope Needs New Facilities; Fundraiser to Help

- With the drought, dealing with flooding in Texoma seems like a problem we won't have to worry about for a long time.

But one local non-profit is trying to prepare for when the rain does come.

Whispers of Hope has been helping mentally and physically challenged people through horse therapy for more than ten years but some of their facilities are decades old, putting them in need of a new barn, so they can keep up the care of their 28 horses.

Dozens of mentally and physically challenged children visit whispers of hope each week, petting and riding horses, learning skills that will help them become more independent.

“These children are very very important to us, some are very special in need.  The more you help any child, the better you're helping ourselves and our community, our society because you are increasing their knowledge and also not be someone who has to have someone help them with everything for the rest of their lives,” says Whispers of Hope Mary Elizabeth Pearce.

And a new program is helping thirty veterans, they come once a week to spend time with the horses, an activity that has a calming affect.

“A horse is a wonderful tool for that because they don't talk back, you can brush and love on a horse and you can tell them all your deep dark secrets and they never tell anybody else,” says Pearce.

But the program's overhead cost is adding up fast and run down facilities aren't helping.

“We have outgrown our facility, it's 35 years old, it's falling down the water situation is bad so it floods, it's bad for the horses feet, so we get higher vet bills,” says Pearce.

Organizers are hoping to raise money to build a new barn, with top notch stalls for each horse, a new barn will also help with flooding issues.

The project is expected to cost almost 300- thousand- dollars, but it's a cost organizers say is well worth it when you see how much the program helps those that go through it.

“The smile on their face, the ability to make a step, when they were not they never could, for a child to sit up fro the first time, there is no greater gift in all the world to watch,” says Pearce.

If you would like to help whispers of hope horse farm build their barn you can.

Saturday at the Wellington the leadership Wichita Falls class of 2013 will hold "Falls Fast and Furious." 

It's a backwards raffle and many prizes will be given away throughout the night, and one person will go home with their choice of 4 different vehicles.

Tickets are 100 dollars, which gets you and a guest into the event which will have food entertainment and of course a chance to win all those raffle prizes.

To purchase tickets you can go to Berend Turf and Tractor or call 691-1141.

If you want more information on Whispers of Hope you can visit their website. 


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