Wichita Co. Lt. Back at Work Following Injury at Summer Jet Crash

- Nearly six months ago, a Wichita County Sheriff's Lieutenant was injured at the crash site of a Sheppard jet in Wichita County. Now, that lieutenant is back on the job.

On July 19th, Lt. George Robinson broke his right ankle trying to reach one of two injured pilots off Pecan Way in Wichita County. Since then he has undergone three surgeries and numerous hours of physical therapy.

He returned to work three works ago on light duty and received the sheriff's commendation award called the Purple Heart. His work days are spent checking and updating equipment, taking phone calls and taking reports. And while he's happy to be back at work, Lt. Robinson says it is difficult.

"You can't get out there and do what you've been doing for years.  So, does it drive you crazy?  Absolutely.  I'm looking forward to getting back on the street.  But, desk duty for rehab is a great motivator to get you better, get you stronger much faster than just sitting at home," Lt. Robinson says.

Robinson's mornings are spent on the job and his afternoons in rehab. He says his doctor expects him to return to full duty sometime this summer.

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