Wichita County Clerk Race Profile

- As your local election headquarters we are taking a look each night at the candidates in Wichita County races.

All three candidates believe their experience is the reason they deserve the county clerk seat. Each of them have at least 20 years working around elections, just in different capacities.

Lori Bohannon was first elected county clerk in 2004. The incumbent says overall, she has 25 years experience working in the county offices. 

“I've got that, I have nearly 10 years as county clerk, it's the experience,” says Bohannon.

She says she's running again because she has truly enjoyed serving the citizens of Wichita County.

“I enjoy what I do, I do. I enjoy serving the citizens of Wichita County. It's something new and different everyday. You constantly learn something because of all the different law changes and things going on. It's interesting,” says Bohannon.

And while Bohannon says voters should stick with the status quo, she is touting a more user friendly system when it comes to real estate records.

“We are looking at trying to upgrade the system here on the reality section to make it a more user friendly type system. Say you needed to research some property that your kin folks owned way back. It would be easier to search that,” says Bohannon.

Accessibility is also something challenger Lisa Talley hopes to bring to the county clerk's office if she is elected.

“I have been in contact with some other county clerks from counties that are a similar population and checked into the differences, what they offer their citizens that they don't offer. It's not necessarily high budget. It's not necessarily gonna cost the county anything more, but it just provides better service,” says Talley.

She says her plan to be more accessible includes a strong social media and press presence. She also plans to make citizens more aware of the county clerk's duties and how she can help.

“Because it does, it matters to you whether you're recording a birth certificate, a marriage license, if your recording a death certificate, there are all kinds of things that come through the courts that are filed in that office,” says Bohannon.

And she says she has just as much experience being around elections as the incumbent.

She has been a precinct chair for 15 years, has volunteered at polling places, has experience counting early votes and mail in ballots, and has been deputized to mail in voters.

The third candidate in this race, Caroline Nicholas, was unavailable for an on camera interview. However, she says she has over 20 years of experience including ten years managing the March Republican Primary as the Wichita County Republican Party Chairman.

Nicholas is a former UNT teaching fellow in political science.

If elected she hopes to make improvements to the county clerk's website and wants to promote better communication with county offices with more public outreach.

To learn more about Lori Bohannon click here.

To learn more about Lisa Talley click here.

To learn more about Caroline Nicholas click here. 

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