Wichita Falls Car Washes to Close One Day Per Week

    Under stage three water restrictions, everyone must do their part to conserve water in this devastating drought.
    For all self- serve and full- service car washes within city limits, that means they must close the car washing portion of their business one day per week.
    Chris Ayers, general manager of All American Car Wash, says, "We have to close one day a week.  Our other location is already closed one day a week on Sundays, so it doesn't really affect it, but this location will be closing on Tuesdays."
    Ayers says that will cut business by about 800 cars each week.
    But we did find one car wash that won't have to close.
    When Enoc Rodriguez,. owner of Vickie's Auto Car Wash, a mobile car wash service, heard about water restrictions, he was on a mission.
    "To find out how I can continue working and operating and keep my customers going and keeping their cars clean," he says.
    Rodriguez washes vehicles at area car dealerships.
    Under stage three restrictions, car dealers are allowed to wash their cars only on the one day per week they're allowed to use lawn sprinklers.
    "That would cut us down a lot on our money coming in," Rodriguez says.
    Wednesday, city leaders told him he could buy waste water from the River Road Wastewater Plant.
    "And I can continue working anytime out of the week as long as I use that water," Rodriguez says.
    Even though water restrictions are cutting down these businesses' profits, the two men we spoke with say it's a sacrifice they're willing to make.
    "It's worth it to keep my customers going," Rodriguez says.
    "Whatever we've got to do to get our water levels up, we're willing to do it," Ayers says.

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