Wichita Falls City Councilor Tom Quintero Hands in His Resignation

The City of Wichita Falls now has two council seats to fill. District 5 Councilor Tom Quintero has submitted his resignation, because of a job opportunity.

Quintero sent out his resignation letter Friday. 
"I was informed on Tuesday that I had been accepted to a job in another state and it was something I'm really good at and I applied for and I think I'd be very happy doing," he said.
That leaves the District 5 seat open and District 1 seat, vacated when Stephen Santellana moved into the mayor's post. Quintero ran unopposed for his seat in the November election. 
"To be up front, I was not going to run, but then again I didn't want to leave the seat vacant and so I waited too close to the last day to apply for the seat and I decided to go ahead and apply for the seat and run rather than leave the seat vacant," Quintero said. "Thinking that within the next 30 to 40 to 60 days I'll be able to find a job in Wichita Falls." 
Mayor Santellana said Quintero kept the council informed of his job situation -- and they knew this result was a possibility.  
So now, they will work to fill the District 5 vacancy as they have District 1.
For that, the mayor formed a three person committee to review applications -- himself, councilor Michael Smith, and councilor Brian Hooker. 
They advertised vacancies on the city's website and four have already applied.
The committee will complete interviews by Monday -- and they will narrow the list down to two candidates and present that in executive session on Tuesday, before possibly taking a vote.  
"I really just wanted to know about their vision," Mayor Santellana said. "What do they think about Wichita Falls? What was their vision for Wichita Falls?" 
As far as who former councilor Quintero hopes will fill his seat....
"I think availability and someone who cares are the two basic foundations you need to be on city council," he said. 
Mayor Santellana hopes to have the District 5 seat filled sometime after Christmas -- and have a full council once again.
The District 1 replacement will fill the seat until next November. The replacement for District 5 will be on the council until November 2018.
Quintero was elected unopposed for Mary Ward's District 5 seat in 2014.
He was born in Wichita Falls and  joined the army in 1984  and served in Afghanistan. He retired in 2014 after 30 years service.

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