Wichita Falls City Leaders Explore Future Drought Solutions

From cloud seeding to the water reuse project to the looming stage 5 water rules, Wichita Falls city leaders say they've exhausted almost all of their immediate options to preserve our dwindling water supply.

But at the same time they are working on immediate measures, they do have to look out into the future.

Wichita Falls city leaders have been looking at any and all options, but for now few of them seem promising.

Wichita Falls Public Works Director Russell Schreiber said, "I talked to the manager of Lake Waurika. Obviously that's across the Red River so there's some challenges. They were low at the time, they're even lower now, so that option was kind of crossed off the table.

Tapping into Lake Texoma may be a better option but could not be developed in time to help with the current drought.

"We've talked to some folks who have some Lake Texoma water. We actually wouldn't take it out the lake, we'd buy it from an existing contract. But that option is a long term option. It would take 10-12 years to get that water here," Shreiber explained.

And time restraints have also dashed the option of piping in water from another nearby lake.

"Talked to the guys at the Tarrant Regional Water District that owns Bridgeport, there's an option there but it's still a long way away, it takes a long time to construct it and there are some operationally issues that they have with their other customer cities to where there's a good opportunity there is no water there," Shreiber added.

And all those options would cost the city a pretty penny and could raise water rates by as much as 12-15 dollars per unit, a price some residents say is worth shelling out. Especially since the higher cost is somewhat balanced by lower use from conservation techniques and rules.

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