Wichita Falls Crews Spread Ice Chat for Traction on Roads

- The little bit of snow we Texoma got overnight Thursday is providing a little bit of traction on the roads.

Also providing traction on the roads: all the ice chat that's being spread by city crews.

The street department divided the city up into six different areas and deployed an ice chat spreading truck to each of those areas.

Larry Krugel, Wichita Falls street superintendent, says, "Each of those has a book and a log with them where they log what they do, and in that map, it shows them what you do first in sanding like all your emergency services, be it the police department, the fire stations."

As far as big problem areas right now, officials say there really aren't any.

They say people staying home and off the roads has been very helpful and has made their jobs easier.

Officials say try to stay off the roads if you can, and if do get out, just make sure you are extra careful and travel below the speed limit.

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