Wichita Falls Firefighter Loses Home To Early Morning Blaze

A Wichita Falls firefighter now has a new understanding after losing his own home in a fire early Thursday morning.  

His family is now trying to salvage some of their belongings and begin the rebuilding process.

It is a truly heartbreaking story because Wichita Falls Fire Captain Todd Mudd says he did everything he could, even things he knows he shouldn't do like trying to put of the flames with a garden house, to save his family's home.

Mudd says, "When you see it filling up with fire knowing that's your job and your job is to go put that out and you're not doing anything about it. It's tough."

He says the fire started in a shed behind the house at his home in the 700 block of Wellington Lane around 2 a.m. on Thursday. 

Luckily, Mudd says everyone made it out safely.

Wichita West Volunteer Fire Department officials are calling the home a total loss.

Mudd says he now understands the need homeowners have to help.

"30 years of fighting fires, putting somebody else's fire out and I can't put [out] my own," Mudd exclaims. "It's a humbling experience. It puts a new perspective on things when we tell the citizens that their houses are burning, back off, trust us, we'll take care of it. What's the fireman suppose to do."

Mudd is hailing his son a hero.

He says he is the one who noticed a glow in the backyard and alerted the family.

He says if it would have been ten minutes later, they may not have made it out alive.

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