Wichita Falls horse rescue affected by drought and rising hay prices

Rains may have eased the affects of the drought temporarily but many farmers and ranchers have had trouble growing hay because of dry conditions.

The drought has caused hay prices to soar across the country.

The Healing Hearts Horse Rescue works to save animals who have been abandoned or left behind and while organizers do it for the love of the horses, the ongoing drought has hindered their efforts to take care of the animals.

Ragena Neimeyer, vice preside of Healing Hearts Horse Rescue, says the rescue is currently caring for seven horses.

She says it costs between $500 to $1,000 a month for bales of hay to feed the horses.

The rise in hay prices is denting her wallet.

"Last year we were paying $60 to $80 a round bale and now they are between $135 to $165," Neimeyer says.

Despite the rise in prices and the rescue's limited resources, Neimeyer is doing what she can to help the animals.

I asked her, "Is it getting harder to try to keep up with so many horses?".

Her response was, "Yeah, it is. It's real hard. But we just keep trying and everything because you just have to love them."

Neimeyer says an increasing number of horse owners have asked about giving up their animals simply because they don't have the means to take care of them anymore.

She adds that a horse has already been dropped off at the rescue by its previous owners who said they could no longer afford him.

The hay remains under a lock and key to make sure the supply is safe.

Neimeyer says with an unknown future, measures like locking up the hay are necessary to ensure the horses will have something to eat in the months ahead.

"We are going to try and hold out as long as we can," Neimeyer says. "We are going to try and do it as long as we can because the horses out here, they need help and if it's left up to us, we'll try to help every horse we can."

If you would like to help Healing Heart, you can call Ragena Neimeyer at 940.224.7375.

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