Wichita Falls Makes 9 Million Dollars Less in Water Revenue

- The money to fund that evaporation suppression test will come out of the city's general fund because the sewer and water fund is out of reserve money.

City officials say because residents have been doing such a great job conserving water, the city is making less money by selling less water.

Water revenue is down 9 million dollars from last fiscal year.

And city officials say there is only one way to make up the difference.

“Honestly the only way to really address that issue, is to charge more for the product that we're selling so we're gonna look at rate increases,” says Jim Dockery, Chief Financial Officer.

Cloud seeding and the long range water plan were also funded through the general fund.

Now at their budget meeting Tuesday, city officials discussed the possibility of a rate hike that Dockery says could come as early as next city council meeting or in October when the new budget starts.

But no details have been released. 

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