Wichita Falls Manufacturing Company Sees Growth

- Transland moved to Wichita Falls in 2007, and it's now buying an Arizona based company.  That's not only good business for Transland, but for the growth of Wichita Falls too.

They call it a "mom and pop operation".

But, since State Representative, James Frank bought California based Transland, it's grown from three full time manufacturing employees to 21.

“I think it's the industry and I think it's because we are wanting to grow. I think ultimately there are companies in town that are wanting to do well and wanting to grow,” he said.

“We make spreaders, gate boxes, swathmasters, all things that go under the airplane pretty much is done over here,” said Roberto Rodriguez, the Transland General Manager.

But he says there's one thing Transland does not do, which is why the company recently purchased an Arizona based company. CP Products builds nozzles which spray the chemicals out of the booms of crop dusters.

And now, that nozzle’s spurting growth in revenue for Transland.

“It will be about a 30% growth from day one and then hopefully more after that,” said Rodriguez.

And company officials expect the new purchase will bring seven new jobs and a start to an even brighter future for Wichita Falls. 

Transland officials are heading to Arizona and will be there for the next few months.

They say they'll be interviewing employees, and seeing if those already working for CP Products want to move here.

The company says they'll be looking to hire folks from this area to fill remaining positions.

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