Wichita Falls Residents Meet to Pray for Rain

Nearly 100 people spent their lunch break today at Wichita Theatre but instead of taking stage directions, they joined forces in directing their pleas to the Heavens.

Prayers were offered up wednesday afternoon inside the Wichita Theatre where more than 80 people gathered for the Pray for Rain Assembly.

Although it was emceed by Pastor Reggie Coe it was coordinated by the executive director of Inheritance Adoptions.

"God likes for people to come together and humbly request things before Him so I just felt like as a Christian agency, we could just be the ones to organize it," says Leslie Howard, executive director of Inheritance Adoptions.

Two years ago, residents in Electra met each week in front of city hall to pray for a substantial amount rain.

Several months later, their prayers were answered but over the past few months in Wichita Falls, residents have prayed for rain, individually.

This time, many gathered to do it as a group.

"We know that man can't create rain only God can, so just beg and plead and make a desperate cry for rain,' Michelle Allen says, who attended today's assembly.

"We believe in the goodness of God, that he's the creator and giver of all things that are good so it's very appropriate to ask our Heavenly Father for that which we need," adds Eugene Bullard, who also attended the assembly.

Rain is certainly needed because the lack of it is taking a toll on agriculture, landscaping and other industries.

Coordinators were thrilled that so many people attended today's Pray For Rain Assembly and they hope even more people will show up at their next one, which is still in the planning stage.

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