Wichita Falls Residents Renting Out Space for HHH Riders Through Craigslist

This year's Hotter 'N Hell is on Saturday and as thousands converge into Texoma, some are trying to benefit from the city's largest event.

At the moment, there are not anywhere near the number of hotel rooms needed to house so many people who will ride into town this weekend, so some locals are looking to cash in on the need for space by renting out rooms or even their entire house.

Websites like Craigslist are filling up with ads from Texomans who are willing to open up their homes to riders in exchange for a fee. 

For example, staring at all the antique furniture inside of Josh White's home, you would think you are in a bed and breakfast but that is not the case.

White calls this massive house home year round but for this weekend's big ride, it will feel more like a hotel.

White says 12 riders from out of town have answered his classified ad and will be staying with him.

"I've met some dear friends throughout the years," White says. "In fact, it's funny because most people who come and stay have a lot of the same interest. I always advertise it as being a historic house and so we have a lot to talk about when people come."

This is the 4th year White has opened up his home to Hotter N' Hell riders.

This time around, he is charging $75 per room.

He says there are safety concerns but he gets to know them before letting them stay in his home.

"If you put an ad on Craigslist, there's all sort of things that could happen," White says. "What I do is just ask for a number and call and talk to them first. No one has ever given me a bad vibe or I've never felt that they were unsafe."

Other homeowners like Mike Burns say it's a win win situation because he gets the extra income and riders get the comfort of being in someone's home.

"I'm renting for $200 a night, for two nights. That'd be a total of 400 bucks. They get an over 2,000 square feet home. They have all the amenities that they need; a private bath, kitchen, laundry, everything," Burns exclaims.

Both White and Burns say the relationships formed are priceless.

Burns, "It does work for me. I have done it before. I've met some really nice people doing it. No regrets, no problems."

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