Wichita Falls Water Projects Move Forward

- Those lake levels have city official hopeful, but work continues on projects to stretch our drinking supply.

A new disinfection that will keep the temporary reuse system up and running, required by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, will start to be installed this month.

Plans to add in Lake Kemp water are also moving forward along with the long-term goal to finalize the permanent reuse project.

The water reuse project's temporary approval goes through this month, but a new disinfection process will keep it running until we no longer need it.

“We have the UV system being manufactured right now. It looks like we're gonna have a delivery date sometime in December,” says Operations Manager Daniel Nix.

Once it's delivered, it should be installed in 30 to 60 days.

This is where the new disinfection process is going to be placed. First the water is going to go through the reverse osmosis treatment center, head on over to a holding tank, then will be pumped over where it will be treated by UV disinfection then moved outside where it will be blended with lake water before going back into our drinking supply.

The water is safe without the new system, but the UV will be an added barrier if something was to go wrong.

Last week city officials met with the engineering firm working on plans to pull in Lake Kemp water that has not been used in a year, helping to stretch our supply.

“We've been stock piling that water,” says Nix.

Pulling in that supply will take some extra work, as the water has very high salt levels, so it is still undecided if they will put that water into the supply soon or will wait and use it as a last option.

And the permanent water reuse project is still on track to be up in 3 years. Right now the city is working out the details.

“We are still in the process of working out the pipeline route between the waste water plant and Lake Arrowhead,” says Nix.

That project will bring water from the River Road Wastewater Plant to Lake Arrowhead before it gets put into our drinking supply.

Funding for the permanent project will be voted on at city council Tuesday.

The city is looking to borrow over 30 million dollars from the Texas Water Development board to pay for that project.

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