- Finding a free minute in 28-year-old Leeann Andrews' schedule isn't easy.

"I go to school full time. I'm in nursing school. This was my first semester," Andrews says. "I also work here at Hayley Eye Clinic full-time. On Saturdays, I work at Harvest Drug and Gift."

What's also not easy, she says: doing all of that while fighting Rheumatoid arthritis

"Your immune system attacks your joints and it erodes at your joints," she says. "It can cause hand deformities, and with me, I get a lot of fatigue with it."

And because of her condition, she had a hard time finding healthcare coverage.

"I applied with every major carrier and I was denied by all of them because once 2014 starts, they'll have to cover my previous condition."

That's why she turned to coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

"It was really easy to sign up for," Andrews says. "There were options to look at but it wasn't confusing. The plan I got was actually the bronze plan. It starts January 1st of 2014. My cost for the year of 2014 is 12 cents."

Andrews' monthly premium is about $202 a month, but all but a penny of that is subsidized.

She says she won't have a copay for visits to doctors, specialists, the ER, and won't have to pay anything for prescriptions.

She says she has the affordable care act to thank.

"I'm actually going to be able to get the care I need. I just feel like 2014 is going to be the best year ever because I'm actually going to be able to be healthy."

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