Wichita Falls Working Hard to Save Trees

- As city businesses make plans to get through the drought, Wichita Falls Department of Parks and Recreation is trying to protect the thousands of trees they care for.

Parks and Recreation Director Jack Murphy says his team of ground workers has recently expanded as they dedicate extra time to trying to persevere the trees they do have.

Murphy says the city has been following stage four regulations by not watering any of their trees.

So, to supplement the moisture lost, they are currently adding extra mulch around those trees.

Murphy says mulch is not only good to keep the moisture in, but naturally keeps away a tree's biggest water competitor, grass.

“Putting mulch down is doing what a tree normally has. Trees normally grow in a forest where they'll have a mulch layer that naturally builds up to help the tree and keep grasses away,” says Murphy.

Murphy says the city has thrown around a few ideas about bringing water in from a variety of alternative sources to water trees, grass, and plants. But right now they have no solid plans to do so.

Murphy says the Parks and Recreation Department is learning a lot about the current drought, and they are taking note of what trees are thriving and what trees may not survive. So when the city does decided to plant again, they can invest in trees that will with stand these harsh conditions.

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