Wichita Theatre Bringing First Ever Original Musical About the History of North Texas

A crowd gathered this morning in front of the Wichita Theatre for a huge announcement, a production 22 years in the making.

The historic downtown theater will put on a completely original musical titled "North Texas Rising." The entire self-written, produced and cast musical is all about the history of the North Texas area showing how we came to be what we are now.

From the Wichita Indians to the oil boom, Wichita Theatre President Dwayne Jackson says the play will be both entertaining and educational.

"It will be a live production with original music, all of the bells and whistles, sound effects, special effects. It will be one of those things that when you walk out of the show and someone says, "what did you think?" You'll say, "that was fun, entertaining and, oh, by the way, I learned something, too," Dwayne Jackson, President, Wichita Theatre.

The musical begins October 20th and will run through November 4th.

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