With the Return of Flu Season, Pharmacists and Doctors Recommend Shots

It's back. Flu season is here. In fact, CDC reports show this is the earliest arrival of the illness in the last decade.

Ginger Pino, Pharmacist at Harvest Drug and Gift said, "The flu has peaked early this year. Typically it peaks in late February to March, but now we have seen it peak at the end of December into early January."

Local pharmacies and doctors' offices are packed with people fighting the bug and trying to avoid it.

Pino said, "Now that the flu has hit and hit so terribly, we have had a major increase in traffic for people trying to get the flu shot." 

"We're seeing more traffic here at Harvest because we are a compounding pharmacy," she added.

Flu shots are in short supply, and are even backordered at many businesses in Wichita Falls. Tamiflu suspension, which is what most kids need to flight the flu, isn't readily available either.

"Because of that, we are compounding most prescriptions for Tamiflu suspension," said Pino.

If you've already had your shot, make sure you continue to take preventative measures to stay healthy. Wash your hands frequently, use hand sanitizer, and get on a good vitamin C and D regimen. 

You can also take immune boost combination vitamins to keep immune system happy and healthy. And Pino says if you haven't had your flu shot yet, it's not too late, but you better get it!

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