Witness Testifies in Altus Murder Trial

A woman testifies in a Jackson County courtroom, she was there, when a man murdered an Altus mother.

Alicia Rosales, who is serving time in jail for accessory to robbery, says she, and her friend Alex Castillo, were at 46-year-old Manuel Daniel's home when he stabbed her to death.

Daniel is charged with first degree murder for stabbing 49 year old Melissa Bost 49, an Altus mother of three, in February 2012.

He faces life in prison or life without parole.

Alicia Rosales says while waiting for Bost to deliver crack cocaine to Daniel's home, Daniel and Castillo planned to rob Bost of her money and drugs, because they couldn't pay Bost for the cocaine.

Rosales says Castillo hit Bost with a crow bar and Daniel stabbed Bost with a knife at least five times.

Rosales says she heard Bost scream and fight for her life.

She says Bost tried to escape but Daniel pulled her hair to stop her.

The next thing Rosales says she remembers, is Daniel and Castillo at the ends of Bost's body carrying her to her vehicle.

Then, she says Daniel drove Bost body away in the car.

During cross examination the defense questioned Rosales on her facts.

Several of her answers from the questioning did not align with the testimony she gave, and the records from the police investigation in regard to the time line of the night of the murder and how large the crow bar and knife were.

Rosales is receiving a plea bargain for her testimony.

All evidence in the case is now collected and the trial will resume Thursday at 9:30 a.m.

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