Woman Gets Jail Time for Driving Daycare Van While Intoxicated

    A former daycare driver who admits to being under the influence of drugs and alcohol while driving children in her van will be spending time in jail.
    "Her blood alcohol level was two-and-a-half times the legal limit," says John Gillespie, the lead prosecutor in the case.
    Holly Wooton, former owner of Hollywood Kids Daycare in Wichita Falls, is sentenced to two years state jail.
    The nightmarish incident for which she pleaded guilty happened in May 2011.
    "She got drunk and got high on marijuana while she had the kids at the daycare," Gillespie says.  "She took four kids under the age of four, two three-year-olds and two one-year-olds, did not buckle them in, and drove from her house to the West Foundation Elementary School.
    Teachers at the school found her passed out in her vehicle and tried to get help, but then Wooton sped off.
    Gillespie praised the teachers and parents who intervened, so that all four children were able to go home uninjured.
    "The teachers and the administration at West Foundation did the best that they could do.  They spotted her and they tried to get her some help," Gillespie says.  "The mom that responded and blocked her in, I think, is the hero to the story because she took the keys away from her."
    Parents of children in the van that day testified during the punishment trial.
    "Kids are the most precious treasure that they have.  They entrusted them to Mrs. Wooton.  For her to have this blatant disregard for their safety and to endanger their kids was a complete violation of that trust," Gillespie says.
    Thirtieth District Judge Bob Brotherton gave Wooton the maximum punishment the law allows for the charge of driving while intoxicated with child passengers.
    Gillespie says it sends a message to Wichita County residents that if you're going to watch children in this community, then you better provide them a safe environment, or risk being prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
    While Wooton and her attorney declined to comment on camera, Holly Wooton did tell us she accepts the judge's decision, she's thankful she didn't hurt anyone, and she's sorry.

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