Women Build Strength With Crossfit Workout

Experts say strength training is one of the most important ways to keep your body healthy and in shape.

And that's especially true for women, who naturally lose bone density with age.

But one fitness craze is helping women rebuild their strength.

There's box jumps, handstands, and even the use of rings.

It's these exercises that are keeping women healthy as they age.

"Are strength diminishes, are flexibility diminishes, balance, coordination, thinning of our bones, osteoporosis, all takes a toll," said Briana Womack, a physical therapist at Senior Care Health & Rehabilitation Center.

Which is why women need to take the extra effort to exercise.

But not just any workout will do the trick, it's strength training that's a must.

"So how does lifting weights increase your strength? Well by performing movements with resistance your body and muscles will get sour but your muscles will eventually grow and adapt creating strength."

It's something which Deana Markham says she found at Crossfit.

"If I went to a gym I would go on a treadmill and I didn't push myself very hard. This is more weights then I have ever done before and I can see just working around the house or in the yard I can do more then I have ever been able to do," she said.

Womack says Crossfit's workouts focusing on endurance, strength and agility benefit your everyday life because they perform functional movements.

"We are able to pick up our kids, pick up our groceries, pick up our keys from our floor, our laundry, without having back pain," she said.

Pain that Womack says is prevented by every workout that begins.

Crossfit Wichita Falls also offers female only classes. For more information go to http://crossfitwichitafalls.net/ or there facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CrossFitWichitaFalls?ref=ts&fref=ts.

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