Women From Across The Country are Earning Their Wings in Vernon

- Only 5% of pilots in the U.S. are women but one woman in Vernon is working to raise that number.

Dozens of women from across the country are in Vernon this week to learn the ins and outs of flying and owning planes.

Each woman is at a different stage in their training but after a few hours in classes on the ground, then it's time to fly.

The mix of in the air and on the ground training will propel some women to get their pilots license while some just came for the experience.

“There's so many things in life that we do just because someone else does it but this one is not like that, this is where these ladies are taking a step to be different and it's nice to have a mentor around, to have encouragement,” says Vickie Crostin who hopes to become a pilot instructor.

Teacher Mary Latimer says, that encouragement can be hard to find in the world of aviation.

“Part of it is also the social aspect, they go into an airport and they're the only woman there and being the only woman they don't feel like they belong, they don't feel welcomed,” says Teacher and Founder of the Girls in Flight Training Classes Mary Latimer.

But the women in the Girls in Flight Training classes learn to not let obstacles stand in their way of accomplishing what they want to do...While finding the support they need from other women with their same goals.

“We were taught girls can do anything, don't say don't, don't say can't get out there and do it and i want to follow that through,” says student Sandy Hammons.

The girl in flight training classes are offered every year, if you would like more information about how you can get involved just visit their website.

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