Women's march makes its way though town

Today was the second women's march in Wichita falls, following suit of many cities across the country. It started at Sikes Lake and they concluded their march in front of the Parker Square shopping center.


 “It's really inspiring. I had no idea this was out here in Wichita Falls," said Erin Taylor, one of the women who participated.


                This was Taylor's first experience with a women's march. She was not able to participate last year because of work, but she says she was excited to see how many people participated.


"I am inspired to get more involved,” said Taylor. “Get people out to the polls and volunteer when I can and donate to some of the campaigns we have heard about happening in this march.”


                One of the main issues those involved marched for was getting people to the polls.


 “The women's march nationally has a theme this year, it's called power to the polls,” said Mel Martinez, a pastor at Wichita Falls Metropolitan Community Church who participated. “We need to get all of the momentum to the polls. I do not have preference which side of politics or political party you are on, I just know we need to get our voices heard. The voices of the communities around us.”


“I think it is really important to remind people to register to vote and get out to the polls, so that we can really enact change, not just nationally but in our communities as well, especially in Wichita Falls,” Taylor said. “I heard the voter turnout isn't so high in our county and I really hope that changes.”


Also on the forefront of this march is the continuation of the Me Too movement.


“There is a great movement going on with me too right now,” Taylor said. “I hope in the future no one has to say me too. I have a Me Too story. A whole bunch of women here have a Me Too story. It is really important to come out and use our voice to make sure we are heard finally.”


 “I need to support the women around me,” Martinez said. “The women in my life and the women in my church, in my community. Me too has been a big movement that has happened here recently. Because we can say me too together, we can find a community. We can find our voice and we can say there is not going to be another generation of me too.”


Martinez said as good as the turn-out was for this year's march, she hopes it will be even bigger next year.


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